Deep in the waters of Windermere is said to dwell a creature that is becoming a Legend of the Lake District.

As Loch Ness in Scotland is famous for its mysterious monster, attracting sightseers from far and wide, and  known affectionately as ‘Nessie’, so now do we have a Cumbrian counterpart – ‘Bownessie’  who resides in England’s largest lake, Windermere here in Bowness-on-Windermere

There have been sightings by a number of independent witnesses…and even a few close encounters…but the phenomenon remains an enticing enigma.  Curiosity and even scientific interest is likely to attract extra visitors to The Lake District – and even if they don’t see Bownessie, a trip to this area will never disappoint.

Beatrix Potter characterised a rabbit in her garden into the now famous Peter Rabbit. Our Bownessie is amphibious, cuddly, friendly and a welcoming character, based on the concept of a lake ‘monster’ – although there’s nothing monstrous or frightening about this one!  The toys, books and souvenirs based on Bownessie will help children, especially, see how interesting, and how much fun The Lake District is.  Bownessie is our ambassador for eco-friendly living so we can all follow Bownessie on his adventures!

So if believe in the mystery good luck in finding him! and if you don’t have fun with Bownessie and follow what he is up to!

If you are lucky enough to spot Bownessie in the Lake do share your photos on Facebook @TheBownessie

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