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We all know that carbon dioxide (CO2) contributes to global warming, which has devastating impacts on all life.

To try and combat the effects of CO2, we are starting a CARBON PLEDGE!

Make a pledge to reduce the number of miles you drive in the car, and choosing instead to walk, cycle, take public transport, or car share.

For example, if you pledge 5 miles per week, that would total to 75kg CO2e saved per year.

No matter how small your pledge, every effort will make a difference, and if everyone pledges to reduce the number of miles they drive, by just a few each week, then we will make a huge difference in the amount of CO2 put into the atmosphere.

Fill in the form below, telling us how many miles a month/week you are pledging to save. When you make your pledge below, we’ll send you a certificate for your promise!

Adventure activities

Join Bownessie as they explore the wonders of the Lake District – and beyond!

Some adventure packages are for the Lake District, while others are able to be enjoyed anywhere in the country, so you can take them home with you.

All of our adventure packages have a unique Bownessie Badge that you can claim by completing the eco-challenge within the package.


A holiday is not complete without a keepsake to take home. Our Eco range is being developed, so stay tuned for more sustainable items in the new year!

Coming soon

Knit your own Bownessie!

The start of our sustainability product line focuses on local, eco-friendly products that you can create yourself.

Eco Info

Have you ever wondered about the beautiful countryside you’re walking through? What makes it tick? What problems has it faced, and what has been done to help?

Here, we explore aspects of the Lake Districts, including what you can do to help out.

Coming soon!

We are currently developing some exciting new pages and products for you to explore and discover with Bownessie!

Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates on new releases;

The ultimate rainy day adventure package – Drip Drop!

Hidden Bowness-on-Windermere, discovering the secrets of the historic town.

About Bownessie

Bownessie’s character as the friendly resident of Lake Windermere aims to connect visitors with nature and the Lake District.

Bownessie goes on adventures all around the Lake District, showing the fun and informative ways that everyone can enjoy the Lake District – no matter the age!

With many sightings of Bownessie over the years, will you spot this elusive creature on your visit?

Bownessie was developed with an understanding that unsustainable behaviour is not only driving the climate crisis at a global level but is also promoting environmental degradation in the Lake District. Bownessie is working to promote sustainable behaviour change in the local community and 15.8 million visitors who travel to the region each year.

At Bownessie we raise awareness of issues impacting the natural landscape and promote ways in which people can make a difference to their everyday lives to make sustainable changes in the Lake District and beyond.

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